UNIS was awarded for No. 5 in the "Top 100 High Precision Enterprises in Beijing" and for No. 6 in the "Top 100 Digital Economy Enterprises in Beijing," etc.


The Beijing Enterprise Confederation and Beijing Entrepreneur Association held a press conference recently in Beijing for the work of the Top 100 Beijing Enterprises 2022. It announced the list of “Top 100 Beijing Enterprises” and released the "Top 100 Beijing Enterprises Development Report." UNIS was listed in the top five lists of “Top 100 Beijing Enterprises 2022” and “Top 100 Beijing Listed Companies.” Based on its exceptional innovative strength and solid revenue-generating ability, it was listed as No. 5 in the Top 100 Beijing High Precision Enterprises, No. 6 in the Top 100 Beijing Digital Economy Enterprises, and No. 8 in the Top 100 Beijing Manufacturing Enterprises.

The inclusion of UNIS in the lists of “Top 100 Beijing Digital Economy Enterprises,” “Top 100 Beijing High Precision Enterprises,” and “Top 100 Beijing Manufacturing Enterprises” is not only a recognition of the company's scale and technical prowess but also a full affirmation of its exceptional contribution to the development of the digital economy and high precision industries.

The company will continue to adhere to its mission of innovation and keep pace with the development of the digital economy. It will also continue relying on the "Cloud & AI Native " strategy and the fully evolved "Digital Brain" to deeply empower the digital transformation of various industries and contribute to the advancement of the digital economy's future.