H3C won the "Annual Social Responsibility Excellence Award" in the 2022 ESG Pioneer 60


Jiemian News hosted the 5th Annual Jiemian Financial Conference on December 20 in Shanghai. Experts from various fields, including politics, business, academia, came together to discuss dynamics and opportunities for China's steady development and economic growth while focusing on the theme of "Vitality and Resilience." The 2022 [ESG Pioneer 60] winners were revealed on-site, which was one of the conference's highlights. H3C, an UNIS company, received the 2022 ESG Pioneer 60 Annual Social Responsibility Excellence Award in recognition of its exceptional innovation and continued exploration of social responsibility practices.


Through a thorough analysis of five variables: ESG profile, social and environmental responsibility, corporate governance, and efficiency, the 2022 [ESG Pioneer 60] seeks to identify green businesses and industry pioneers in the field of ESG with an equal emphasis on economic efficiency and social responsibility across the industry. The representative benchmark companies that actively adopt ESG principles will be recognized through the selection, market indicators, online voting, and expert evaluation processes to inspire businesses to carry out green management and comprehensively contribute to achieving China's "3060" goal. Leaders and experts from the academic, industrial, and media sectors unanimously acknowledged and highly valued H3C's distinctive social responsibility concept and innovative public welfare practice.

H3C, a pioneer in digital solutions, has always prioritized social responsibility as an essential responsibility. H3C believes that in the face of the great wave of digital transformation, technology companies' social responsibility should not be restricted to particular projects but rather be incorporated into their corporate strategy, management, and culture and elevated to a strategic level for actual implementation. H3C has consistently remained dedicated to energizing and humanizing digitalization, empowering technology, enhancing society with kindness, and promoting sustainable development.

As a market-leading technology company, H3C has long been dedicated to becoming the most dependable partner for business innovation and digital transformation across a range of industries, contributing to the growth of the digital economy and the creation of a digital China, engaging in social responsibility through action, and fully executing its CSR strategy. H3C is actively promoting digitalization in the urban, medical, and education sectors through its superior technical capability and intelligent mechanisms, realizing comprehensive coverage in various fields such as clothing, food, housing and transportation and creating favorable conditions for  better life.

H3C will actively practice the spirit of digital technology innovation and practice, uphold the idea of "Digital for better," effectively fulfill its corporate social responsibility, and contribute more to the development of the digital era by fully demonstrating the role of a leading technology enterprise.