UNIC Linxens, a company of Tsinghua Unigroup, acquired Sweden's Nile Group to accelerate its Smart Healthcare Strategic Layout


This week, UNIC Linxens, a subsidiary of Tsinghua Unigroup, announced the successful acquisition of a majority stake in the Nile Group to accelerate its growth in the healthcare sector.


Nile Group's headquarters in Sweden.

Based in the medical industry, Nile Group offers a variety of functional printing products to its customers, including medical devices, RFID solutions, printed electronics, and security solutions.


ECG Patch Products

Over the past few years, UNIC Linxens (Linxens) has used its industry expertise and proprietary technology to develop and launch several sensing solutions for the healthcare sector.

Through this acquisition, UNIC Linxens and Nile will achieve technology convergence and complementary resources, accelerating the boost of their product development and innovation capabilities. UNIC Linxens will provide next-generation chronic disease management and home care solutions for more patients. It will also meet the growing customer demand for smart patches and wearable devices.

Peter Nilsson, founder and CEO of Nile, stated, "With the support of Linxens (UNIC Linxens), we will continue to enhance our product manufacturing and R&D capabilities and continue to explore new opportunities in the global market.” “We believe that Nile will be able to establish a foothold in the global market and have a greater possibility for future growth."

Linxens’ unique patented technology and mass production management experience in the healthcare sector, combined with Nile's industry experience, innovation spirit, and brand influence, will result in a powerful combination that will drive the industry’s development.


Welcome to the UNIC Linxens Group, Nile!